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1967 Shelby Super Snake Dragster

Shelby Super Snake 02a  

Commission by Lou “Money” Baney for the 1967 racing season, this AA/fuel dragster was built by chassis guru Don Long at his shop in Gardena, California. The 176-inch frame was crafted from chromoly tubing and up front sported a custom made tube axle, VW torsion bar, P-S spindles and custom 17-inch wheels.

Out back Long installed a narrowed Chrysler 8 ¾ inch rear axle with Oldsmobile axle ends leading to polished Halibrand wheels. The car ran a shorty body with a pair of cowl blisters, all hand formed out of magnesium and aluminum by the legendary Tom Hanna.

The engine was to be the outrageous Ford 427 Cammer. Originally developed by Ford to defeat the Chrysler 426 Hemi in NASCAR racing, the Cammer was soon outlawed and quickly found its way into Top Fuel racing.

Southern California engine impresario Ed Pink would build the powerplant for this car. He would create his own steel billet rocker arms, aluminum rods and pistons, and copperhead gaskets. The valves were stainless Donovan items, while the cams came from Crane and the blower setup was ordered from Cragar.

An Enderle injector was bolted atop the Pete Robinson magnesium 6-71 supercharger. Basically the only remaining Ford parts were the 427 FE block, the factory Ford single overhead cam heads, gears and front cover.

This setup took an engine that originally was designed for 700 horsepower to a stratospheric 2500 horsepower! Not surprisingly the engine blocks would only last about eight to 10 runs.

This rocket ship was to be piloted by one of the greatest drag racers in history, the unequaled Don “The Snake” Prudhomme.

At the NHRA Spring Nationals in 1967 the car and driver smashed their way into the history books with four quarter-mile runs in the six second range.

After establishing itself as the team to beat, Baney approached sports car legend Carroll Shelby for sponsorship, and soon after the Baney & Prudhomme dragster became the Shelby Super Snake, which is the way it dominated the competition through 1968.

Decades later, after being retired, the slingshot dragster was once again teamed up with Don Prudhomme – this time as car and restorer.

The goal was to return the Super Snake back to its original configuration, and who better to do that than the members of its original build team. Don Long would once again take on the chassis restoration. Ed Pink would build a new Cammer for the car. Bill Carter would lay down the paint. The body would be handled by Tiki Alvarez. Amazingly the upholstery is the original stitched by Tony Nancy. After two and half years the restoration is now complete and here for you to enjoy.

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