Hooniverse- Hooniverse Goes to the Canepa Open House

Do you live anywhere on the west coast? Have you been to Seconds Saturdays at Hanzel’s yet? You really should. It’s awesome. While the Seconds Saturdays event usually takes place at Hanzel’s in Oakland-ish, a couple of weeks ago, Canepa Design was hosting their open house, and the Seconds Saturdays crew was on their annual convoy to Canepa event. […]

Petrolicious- Canepa is a big toy box

Photography by Yoav Gilad for Petrolicious As we’ve already extensively documented, Pebble Beach is a must-attend event. But heading up there also allowed for a quick stop into an amazing shop, Canepa, located about thirty miles north. I’ve known of Mr. Bruce Canepa, former Porsche racer, truck designer, and all-around car-guy for a long-time now. […]

Total 911- Canepa

Total 911 Company Profiles- Canepa Words and photos by Josh Barnett You could easily spend an entire day browsing Canepa’s website, trawling through the multitude of incredible road and race cars listed for sale by the Californian company. In a similar vein, it would be possible to write an entire feature on Bruce Canepa, the […]

SpeedHunters- 70s Spirit: The IMSA 240Z

The 1970s: a decade full of such automotive greatness that it’s almost impossible to sum up everything we love about it. The cars that we know from that era weren’t just fast and cool looking, they were a bit outrageous. It was a time of wide wheels, wide fenders, bright colors and production-based race cars that […]

Speedhunters- Canepa: Experience the Joy

Based on the feedback from yesterday’s story about my experience at Canepa for its Cars & Coffee event, it seems you guys are rather excited by the array of magnificent cars found at this place. I can’t say I’m surprised, as there are few places that compare when it comes to experiencing raw #joyofmachine. Today I’d like […]

Speedhunters- Canepa Does Cars & Coffee

In terms of car-related shops, I’ve yet to experience anything quite like Canepa. Then again, the word ‘shop’ doesn’t even begin to describe Bruce Canepa’s enormous facility tucked away in scenic Scotts Valley, California. It’s part restoration garage, part race car maintenance facility, part showroom and part museum. In terms of privately owned temples of […]

Road and Track- Bruce Canepa: Unleashing the Porsche 959’s Inner Gonzo

Californian Bruce Canepa estimates that there are around fifty Porsche 959s in America. He says thirty-two of them have shuttled through his shop, Canepa Design. “From day one, Porsche told us the 959 was a 700-hp car,” he says. “It was, after all, designed as a Group B car. The engine is basically the [Porsche’s […]

eGarage- Bruce Canepa: Collector of Fast

eG: When did you know you had a passion for motorsports? BRUCE CANEPA: “…well, I was intrigued with fast Automobiles and Motorcycles since childhood.” Bruce Canepa was born and raised in the California coastal-surf town of Santa Cruz. Like many young kids of his era Bruce was fascinated with Cars and Trucks so he religiously built […]

Canepa’s Gone Car Crazy

Barry meets up with car collector, customizer, racer and restorer Bruce Canepa and takes an inside look Canepa Design where some of the top restorations anywhere are being worked on every day.

Sports Car Digest- Bruce Canepa Design- Interview and Profile

Interview and photos by Dennis Gray Bruce Canepa has been involved with automobiles in one fashion or another nearly all of his life. He was born into a California car family, therefore his early fascination with anything mechanical was understandable, if not expected. An accomplished driver, Canepa raced in period in Trans-Am, sprint cars, IMSA […]


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