Canepa Announces New Porsche 959SC

  “Canepa’s Porsche 959SC delivers modern-day performance without sacrificing luxury and comfort for the driver, the ultimate goal.” – Bruce Canepa   With the announcement in 1985 of Porsche’s first production supercar, the 959 changed the automotive landscape as we knew it. It was the first supercar for the street with revolutionary technology — a […]

Classic Porsche- Perfection, Perfected

Classic Porsche Magazine, June 2017 Bruce Canepa’s 763hp 959 proves that 30-year-old Porsche engineering still has the mechanical muscle to keep up with its modern counterparts. Words by Alex Short Photos by Zach Todd Built using Le Mans-proven technology, developed on the worldʼs toughest rally stages and designed to showcase Zuffenhausenʼs engineering prowess, the 959 […]

Robb Report- This is the 959 That Porsche Would Have Built

Marco R. Della Cava Canepa introduces its latest upgraded version of the legendary 1980s supercar. Bruce Canepa eased his white Porsche onto a highway on-ramp and stabbed the throttle with his foot. The tires hooked up, our heads snapped back, and the scenery blurred, evoking the moment in Star Wars when the Millennium Falcon leaps […]

Canepa on Webmotors

Web Motors interviews Bruce Canepa and gives an in-depth visual tour of Canepa’s 70,000 square foot facility.

Road and Track- The Secret Story of the Six 959’s Porsche built for one man from Spare Parts

To say that the 959 was the very best car Porsche could make in the late 1980s is no exaggeration. In fact, it wouldn’t even be a stretch to call it the most technologically advanced car of its time. True, the 959 was based on the bones of the then-aging 911 and still had an […]

Car and Driver- What I’d Do Differently: Bruce Canepa

Bruce Canepa, 65, is the owner of Scotts Valley, California’s Canepa, a refurbisher of racing icons and street legends. C/D: What do you drive every day? BC: We have so many cars in the system, and I do all the final road testing. Last night I was in a Mercedes 300SL roadster, and tonight I’m driving a […]

Autoweek- Movers and Shakers: Bruce Canepa and his Standard of Excellence

CANEPA STAKES MORE THAN HIS REPUTATION ON EVERY RESTORATION If you could only use one word to describe car restorer extraordinaire Bruce Canepa, it would be “meticulous.” If you got another word, it’d be “thorough,” but no, that’s too much like the first word. The second of the two would have to be “retentive.” That’s the […]

DuPont Registry- McLaren P1 GTR: Bruce Canepa’s Track-Only Supercar

The exclusive track car of Bruce Canepa, the McLaren P1 GTR, is the most recent edition to The Canepa Collection. This track-only model is available exclusively to owners of the P1. Production of the GTR centered around the completion of the 375th McLaren P1– the final P1. Thanks to its track-only status, the GTR pushes […]

The Super Car Blog- Bruce Canepa Talks About His McLaren P1 GTR: Video

If you are into supercars, racing cars or fast cars in general, you might have heard about Bruce Canepa and his car collection. Recently, Bruce took delivery of a Mclaren P1 GTR – one of its kind in the US. In a previous post we shared a video of the car when it was being […]

Video: Bruce Canepa Dominates the Field with his Porsche 935

Bruce Canepa doesn’t do things in half measures. If he’s going at it, he’s going whole hog. That’s true in his restoration business, and that’s true in his fanatical style of vintage racing. He was on an absolute flyer in this session, and I’m so glad that it was all on video. This is masterfully […]


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