Enjoy a leisurely ride in a 1984 Lancia Group C LeMans prototype

Bruce Street Driving the 1984 Lancia Group C LeMans prototype.

Porsche 959 “Reimagined”, with Bruce Canepa

The Porsche 959 upon release was the most sophisticated road car ever created. Designed by Porsche, the 959 went down in the automotive history books as an era-defining car which paved the way for many future technological advancements. Canepa has been known for 30 years for taking Porsche 959s and upgrading them in order to […]

Two of a kind: Bob Tullius and Group 44 Jaguar XJ-S Documentary

Interested in learning more about the Jaguar XJ-S that Bob Tullius raced in this video? Currently for sale on our website, click here to see the entire history and high resolution photos.

2002 Pikes Peak with Kenworth T2000 Big Rig

1973 Shadow DN2 Start Up

There are few things on planet earth that sound like something from out of this world, inciting wonder and excitement at the same time. The 1973 Shadow DN2 needs no introduction. A big-block, twin-turbocharged Can-Am monster. You only need to listen for a minute to determine that is a monster Can-Am contestant, and that the […]

Canepa Porsche 917 Engine Restoration

Canepa Porsche 917 Engine Restoration Behold one of the best combinations of aluminum, magnesium and titianium, ever. Canepa presents our restoration of the Porsche 180° flat-12 cylinder mechanical miracle that powered the legendary 917s. One of the greatest racing engines of all time restored in four minutes and seven seconds. See our restoration of the […]

1969 Porsche 917K-017 Walk Around

1979 BMW M1 Dyno Pull

Our street legal 1979 BMW M1 Procar stretching its legs before its debut. Yes, street legal.

1979 Porsche 935 Dyno Pull

What does a Porsche 935 sound like at 8,000 RPM? Preparations for Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Horsepower: Sufficient.

1964 Ferrari 250LM Start Up


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