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Canepa Wins at the 2017 Alameda Point Concours d’Elegance

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Canepa Cars and Coffee, June 10th 2017

Canepa Cars and Coffee, June 10th 2017 Summer has arrived and the beautiful weather brought out a fantastic collection of cars to the June edition of Canepa Cars and Coffee. We pride ourselves on drawing from all the different corners of the car community, and there is no more different corner than the one occupied […]

Canepa Cars and Coffee- Day of the Dragster

Canepa Cars and Coffee May 13th 2017 01

Canepa Cars and Coffee May 13th 2017

Canepa Cars and Coffee- Day of the Dragster Put together Don “The Snake” Prudhomme, 10 gallons of nitromethene, and the 3000 horsepower Shelby Super Snake he drove in 1967-68 and you get a whole lot of ear-splitting noise. Joining The Snakes in the Canepa parking lot was another fantastic nitro burner, the Ingénue Buick Funny […]

Luftgekuhlt 2017

Luftgekühlt 4- May 7th, 2017

Canepa Cars and Coffee April 8th 2017 Flyover

Canepa Cars and Coffee April 01

Canepa Cars and Coffee Season Opener April 8th, 2017

Rain or shine Canepa Cars and Coffee rocks! For our first event of 2017 one of the first vehicles to arrive was a Porsche. No surprise there, but it took the form of a tractor. Yes, you never know what will show up at Canepa Cars and Coffee! John Fitzpatrick (#LivingLegend) was in the motorsport […]


“Familientreffen”- A New Poster from Canepa

Debuting at this Saturday’s Canepa Cars & Coffee – “Familientreffen” – a new poster from Canepa. It’s 24″x18″ on poster stock and is just a cool $20. Photo by Zach Todd and Design by Matt White. Taken right here at Canepa. Can you guess all the cars? Contact for your copy.

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Canepa Cars & Coffee Season Kickoff April 8th

Farewell winter! Nature has tried its damnedest to wash us off the map this year, but we have weathered the storms and Canepa Cars & Coffee returns April 8th, and it is going to be a whopper! The legendary John “Fitz” Fitzpatrick will be here signing his new book ” FITZ – My Life at […]

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Canepa Cars & Coffee Best of 2016


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